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John Malkovich joins cast of “Space Force” sitcom for Netflix

Earlier this year, it was announced that Steve Carrell was returning to the small screen to star in the Netflix series Space Force, teaming up with The Office executive producer Greg Daniels.

Now we can add John Malkovich to the cast. Malkovich, while best known for playing the villainous, intimidating figure in dramas, has been subjected to lighter fare in the past, such as Being John Malkovich. This however is his first time starring on a sitcom.

Space Force follows the men and women assigned with creating a Space Force for the military. Malkovich will playing Dr. Adrian Mallory, the head science advisor who is “hoping to prevent space from becoming the next great international battlefield.”

Rounding out the cast is Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, And Tawny Newsome. Additional recurring actors include Jimmy O. Yang and Alex sparrow.

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