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Comedy Central releases the harshest burns you didn’t see on the Roast of Alec Baldwin

A few weeks ago, Alec Baldwin became the latest celebrity in the hot seat with the Roast of Alec Baldwin. Following in the tradition of the Friar’s Club, which began televising their roasts in the 90’s before Comedy Central started doing their own, the Roast is a great chance for someone to show that they have a sense of humor about themselves, having all their most public moments up for grabs by a collection of their friends and peers. Some of the past honorees have included Bruce Willis, Rob Lowe, Bob Saget, Roseanne, Justin Bieber, James Franco, and even a future president Donald Trump.

Now, Comedy Central has released the stuff you didn’t see on TV These jokes take the Roast surprisingly darker than what you got to see at home. See for yourself just how ruthless things can get all in the name of good comedy.

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