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Leslie Jones announces her first ever stand-up special will be for Netflix

Last Thursday, Leslie Jones stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! for her third appearance. After sitting on the couch, she talked about her early cockiness as a comedian, her father’s reaction to her wanting to quit school to pursue stand up, and an early job as a justice of the peace. She then segued into the “exciting news” that she teased on Instagram earlier that day. She will be taping her first stand-up special for Netflix this fall in Washington D.C.

“So ‘yall finally get to see what I really do,” Jones said. “I am actually a stand-up comic. I mean it’s great to be the actress and sketch and all that stuff, but I am actually a stand-up hardcore. That’s what pays the bills.”

“I picked D.C. out of all the cities because D.C. got one of the best comic crowds,” she continued. When asked if she would be extending an invite to the President, she replied “Hell no. And I hope you show up so I can talk bad about your ass. Don’t you show up.”

Leslie Jones will be filming the special at the Warner Theater in Washington D.C. Tickets can be found here.

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