Nacho fries: Your food delivery person may have snacked on your dinner

One in four food delivery people agree: The smell of your dinner is too seductive to resist. According to the results of a new study from US Foods, roughly 30 per cent of drivers/riders admit to snacking on an order en route while more than half confess to being tempted.

“We’re sorry to report that sometimes, impulse gets the best of deliverers, and they violate their sacred duty by taking some of the food,” US Foods said in a statement.

The restaurant food supplier surveyed more than 1,500 American adult users of delivery apps including DoorDash and Uber Eats, and nearly 500 delivery people in order to gain a better understanding of “habits and pain points.” Uber Eats proved to be the most popular app, with Grubhub coming in second and DoorDash third.

Naturally, customers are most concerned with the quality of the food. Topping the list of most common complaints is food arriving cold (17 per cent), followed by tardy delivery (16 per cent) and, tied for third at 12 per cent, incorrect orders and restaurants ignoring special requests.

The most prevalent deliverer complaint is poor tips (or none at all; 60 per cent), followed by having to wait for food at restaurants (52 per cent) and insufficient in-app communication with customers (39 per cent).

As a New York Times reporter recently wrote about his experience delivering burritos by bike, “For almost two-thirds of my 43 deliveries, I got no tip. You may think the delivery fee takes care of the rider, but the apps’ pay structure leaves riders dependent on tips to make a living wage.”

On average, both customers and deliverers agree that $4 is an ideal amount to tip, and 95 per cent of respondents claim to tip regularly.

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