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“Lights Out with David Spade” to premiere on Comedy Central July 29th

Comedy Central has finally announced the premiere of David Spade’s new show. Lights Out with David Spade will premiere on July 29th at 11:30pm in the post-Daily Show timeslot that the network has had a tough time filling ever since Stephen Colbert made the jump to CBS to host the Late Show. For those keeping score at home, when Colbert departed, he was replaced with The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, where it failed to capture the spark of the network’s flagship shows. Late night game show @midnight was moved up a half hour as a placeholder as Comedy Central determined its next moves, unfortunately that move seemed to have sunk @midnight, putting a bit too much pressure on what was meant to be a lighthearted late night show and eventually let to its cancellation. After this, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper premiered as Comedy Central thought young talent from The Daily Show worked once with Colbert so they tried it with Klepper. Putting the TDS correspondent in character as an exaggerated Alex Jones-type of character. Unfortunately in a world where Donald Trump is President, fictionalized versions of that type of pundit didn’t have nearly as much bite as they hoped.

This time around, they’re banking on some star power and recruited Spade for a nightly show that’s him lightheartedly taking on topics of the day with a rotating group of Spade’s comedian and celebrity friends, and some field segments.

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