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Looks like we’re going to get a 5th season of “The Boondocks”

Comedian and actor John Witherspoon was a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. While the comedians discussed a variety of topics over the course of the long podcast. At one point, the topic of The Boondocks came up and Witherspoon casually dropped that a new season was “coming back.” Witherspoon stars as one the grandfather in the show so he’d most likely know. If true this would mean we’re going to get ourselves a 5th season of the criminally underrated Adult Swim TV show based on the comic strip created by Aaron McGruder.

Adult Swim has not yet confirmed a return of the animated series which aired its last season in 2014. McGruder executive-produced the show for its first 3 seasons but did not return for season 4. There’s also no word on whether he would also return for season 5 either.

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