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The Amazing Johnathan documentary, “Always Amazing” to be released June 3rd

If you’ve never seen The Amazing Johnathan perform his act, you are missing out on an incredible experience. The his act incorporates elements of comedy, bad magic, schlock, and slapstick. It’s a combination that could really make for a bad night if the act weren’t in the hands of someone as talented as Jonathan. We first became aware of his years ago from a pre-original programming Comedy Central. When they’d air and re-air stand-up specials constantly on their airwaves instead of South Park, Tosh.0, or Workaholics reruns. Johnathan’s specials were in high rotation and the spectacle of them always drew us in to watch him as he’d bumble magic tricks, misdirect us, or mock his assistant Tanya all while making everything so damn funny!

Johnathan provided some really great early comedy memories which is also why it bummed us out to learn about his suffering from a pretty serious heart condition 2007 and later retirement from performing live in 2014 (where he stated he had about a year to live). But Johnathan wasn’t finished as he launched a last tour in 2017 that took him all over the U.S. Comedian Steve Byrne who is also a fan of the comedian/musician decided to document Johnathan’s final tour and a friendship he forged after meeting a young fan Australia who later became his friend.

Byrne’s documentary, Always Amazing will be released on June 3rd.

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