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Jordan Klepper returns to Comedy Central with new docuseries

Jordan Klepper is returning to the Comedy Central airwaves. But this time he’s shedding the Alex Jones-y conspiracy theory he was on The Opposition, this time it’s just Klepper doing it docuseries style (similar to when he solved guns).

The eponymous Klepper will take a look at world, embedding himself in those risking big stakes for their causes like the environment, veteran deportation, discrimination in the burgeoning marijuana industry, Native Americans’ struggle to gain visibility, the contemporary space-exploration landscape, and guerilla activists’ use of firearms. Each episode will be accompanied by a filmed podcast in which Klepper and series producers will discuss everything that went on in front of the camera and behind the scenes, and how their perspectives have changed as a result.

Check out the trailer and catch the premiere of the docuseries on May 9th on Comedy Central.

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