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The Jerky Boys to release first new album in 20 years

The Jerky Boys

Photo: The Jerky Boys

The Jerky Boys are marking a comeback. Johnny Brennan confirmed that he’s going to release a new album under the Jerky Boys title for the first time since 2001’s The Jerky Tapes. Johnny Brennan the brains behind the operation declared these details to Rolling Stone.

“It’s been a long, long time,” he explained. “I said to myself, ‘Let me do it.’ Let me put something else out there. My kids are growing up. And I feel there’s plenty great stuff left to put out there.” Brennan added that the album will be a brand new album and not a pieced together collection of outtakes or greatest hits like the ones released late in the group’s career.

While it should be noted that Brennan will be the only part of the Jerky Boys returning since Kamal Ahmed left the duo in 2000. But don’t get it twisted, Brennan is the mastermind behind the idea. In addition to revisiting some of the characters he made famous like Frank Rizzo, and Jak Tors, he’s also introducing new ones that were influenced by his kids.

The new album will be released via Comedy Dynamics later this year. “It was important to me to do this one as closely as possible to how it was done back in the Nineties,” Comedy Dynamics CEO Brian Volk Weiss stated.

If just the news of this is not enough, there’s already a preview track from the album to get you all excited.

And if that’s all not enough, Brennan even mentioned a possible road show where you can see Jerky Boys 1 performed onstage as a hologram.

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