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Season 2 of “Cobra Kai” is here, and promises double the dojos and more snake logo popping

When the Youtube series Cobra Kai was released last year on the streaming site’s premium service, it was a funny fresh take on the Karate Kid movie franchise that nobody thought they wanted, but everyone that watched realized they needed. The show was basically a series based on the premise of a terrific Gary Gulman joke in which maybe Johnny Lawrence (Billy Zabka) from Cobra Kai wasn’t really the bad guy in the movie. On the series, Johnny and Daniel LaRusso are now grown ass men and Johnny’s life hasn’t really gone as well as it could be while Daniel is enjoying a successful career and family. That gets challenged when their paths once cross again. It was a fun and really funny ride on a historical franchise that didn’t tread on nostalgia too much or in the wrong way. Season 2 of the show is coming April 15th and the new trailer promises more arguing between Daniel and Johnny that’s bound to be a blast.

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