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The trailer for season 5 (part 2) of “Arrested Development” is here

Let’s be honest, we’re all really excited that Gene Parmesan has returned. Season 5, part 2 of Arrested Development is set to premiere on Netflix March 15th and that’s wicked cool news for us yearning to get our fix of Bluth. Particularly because we all have a feeling this will be the last for the show. So, for what is probably the last time let’s prepare to revisit Michael, Lindsay, Tobias, GOB, George Michael, Buster, Maeby, and Lucille as they throw parties for fathers getting out of prison, perform bad magic, blue themselves, con themselves into retirement homes, de-fraud the public, lose limbs, make fake businesses, drive stair cars, burn down banana stands, and get all the bad legal advice as this season pressure mounts as the murder case against Buster heats up.

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