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Watch a Michigan woman use Patton Oswalt’s “Star Wars” filibuster at a real county council meeting

Patton Oswalt Star Wars Rant

There are a variety of reasons to love the TV show, Parks and Recreation while it received too many comparisons to The Office in the beginning, by the time the show ended it was a standalone piece of comedic art that will live on and influence future generations not only in style but in the characters it created.

One of the show’s highlights came from guest star Patton Oswalt who was present to portray a Pawnee resident present at a meeting filibuster and stop a vote by the Pawnee City Council. The show’s producers told Oswalt to riff on whatever he wanted, so right after they yelled “action” Oswalt launched into an epic 8 minute rant about his idea for the then forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VII movie, tying in Star Wars, the Marvel universe, and Greek mythology in an uber-nerdy rant. If it was ever made, it would be the biggest movie of all time.

Just last night, a Michigan woman used said Star Wars filibuster at a real county meeting. The folks of Livingston County Michigan were staging a “people’s protest” at a Board of Commissioners meeting to oppose the same board’s vote to stop airing meetings on local TV. The woman, Bridgett McDowell wanted to use her full 3 minutes time so she pulled out Patton’s rant to a crowd of people that mostly had no clue what was happening.

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