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Amazon Prime Video is getting into the stand-up comedy game by releasing Jim Gaffigan’s new special

Jim Gaffigan is getting around these days, he’s been on a bit of a tear the last few years with stand-up comedy specials. Releasing a 3 new hours of material in the last 3 years, 7 total. In 2017, he released Cinco on Netflix, then followed it up by releasing Noble Ape on Comedy Dynamics in 2018. Now, in 2019 Gaffigan’s helping the folks at Amazon Prime Video by being their first ever original stand-up comedy special, Quality Time. It’s a pretty impressive run.

Quality Time will be recorded at the State Theatre in Minneapolis on March 9th and released later in 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. Gaffigan’s wife and collaborator Jeannie Gaffigan is directing the special as Comedy Dynamics and Brillstein are producing the even. All of the five shows for the taping in Minneapolis are already sold out.

“I am so honored to be Amazon’s first original stand up special. This is going to be exciting,” said Jim Gaffigan. The comedian currently co-stars with Viola Davis and Allison Janney in Amazon Studios’ film Troop Zero in addition to appearing in 9 movies in the next year.

Amazon Prime members will be able to stream the special exclusively via the Prime Video app and on any connected devices.

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