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A doctor interviewed 500+ stand-up comics, then gave a Tedx talk about the comedian brain

Hey, so if you’re a comedian, this TEDx talk is for you as it helps you make sense of your brain. Dr. Sadhna Bokhiria was working on her dissertation and in the process she was feeling the pressure of the situation. One night she took a break from her work and visited her local a comedy club to blow off some steam. It was there, she experienced a release of all the pressure the dissertation brought onto here and it was an effect from the laughter. This detour provided a wider perspective for Bokhiria, she caught the rush and the bug to learn more about humor and its effect on audiences and comedians. She began to see the correlation between humor and intelligence as she determined the minds of comedians are, “constantly observing, learning, and practicing” determining the comedian brain tends to be “always on” as comedians are constantly attempting to find what might be off in the world.

Dr. Bokhiria believes it takes great courage and incredible intelligence to be authentic in today’s world and stand-up comedians exemplify this through their art which has a creative process that’s liberating to those that partake. She found that because of what comedians do, they’re laughing more which leads to less fear and them trying more to create learning opportunities. Thus a second dissertation was born, encouraging Bokhiria to interview over 500 comedians and pull some ideas as to the effect stand-up has on the comedian brain.

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