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Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson end “2 Dope Queens” podcast with Michelle Obama as final guest

2 Dope Queens

Photo: HBO

The incredibly popular podcast 2 Dope Queens which is
hosted by comedians Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson just
announced that it is shutting down its operations effectively
now. Williams and Robinson began the podcast in the fall of
2015 and since has become the leading voice for not only strong
women, but people of color, and the LGBT+ communities. Now, 3
years later the duo announced that they’re ending the podcast.
While the two are still planning on taping more of their HBO
show, the podcast as it lives on WNYC is over after the most
recent episode. While they didn’t really give a “why” the
podcast is ending, the did reveal how they’re going out and
that’s with them speaking with the former first lady, Michelle
Obama, who is currently making the rounds to promote her new
book. As the duo stated, “When the Queen calls, the Queens
answer. We couldn’t have dreamed up a better, more meaningful,

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