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Josh Adam Meyers and his comedian friends are running down the 500 greatest music albums ever made

The 500 Podcast

Comedian Josh Adam Meyers (The Goddamn Comedy Jam) just
launched a new podcast and it’s ambitious AF. Meyers has a
clear vision and that’s to spend the next 500 weeks (9.61
weeks) running down the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time
as ranked by Rolling Stone magazine and it will
take him until May 31st 2028. Each week Meyers will invite one
of his comedian friends onto the show and they will listen to
the album and run it down – the music, the lyrics, the mood,
the artist, its impact, the era it was released, and what it
meant to them.

Meyers already released the initial schedule of guests for the show and they
include Bill Burr, Byron Bowers, Big Jay Oakerson, Jim
Jefferies, Ryan Sickler, Kevin Nealon, Fortune Fiemster, Gareth
Reynolds, and The Sklar Brothers. But Meyers hopes that he’ll
be able to get more than just his comedian friends, as he
declared on the podcast’s first eposide… he’s ambitious and
wants to get actors, musicians, politicians… and his white
whale, Oprah!

Meyers is obviously a music lover, you can see that with his
founding of The Goddamn Comedy Jam, but he’s also motivated to
make the podcast by his late comedian friend Angelo Bowers who
came up with Meyers in the LA comedy scene, Bowers had an
encyclopedic knowledge of all kinds of music and always
introduced and pushed Meyers to learn about new bands, albums,
and styles of music. Angelo was a big reader of Rolling Stone,
and even though he’d often couch surf on friend’s couches and
lived a nomadic life, his Rolling Stone subscription always
seemed to find wherever Angelo was staying. Angelo Bowers
passed away years ago but he left Meyers with the itch to
explore music and to keep reading Rolling Stone. So
honor his late friend and comedian, Josh Adam Meyers is hosting
the podcast in his honor and hoping to learn more about music
and his comedian friends along the way.

Episode #1 of The 500 Podcast dropped on Halloween and it’s all
about album #500 on the list, Outkast’s Aquemini.
Comedian and Atlanta native Byron Bowers joins Meyers to talk
all about Andre 300 and Big Boi’s 1998 masterpiece.

You can subscribe to the podcast
wherever you get your podcasts or visit its website for more details.

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