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Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart talk about their tour, politics, and the state of comedy with CNN

Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle are currently out on a
co-headlining tour and they sat down with CNN to discuss how it
came to be and as they both are comedians, the current hot
button topic of Louis C.K., and since both men have commented
on Donald Trump, with Stewart mocking his announcement to run
for President and Dave Chappelle making remarks about him when
he hosted Saturday Night Live just days after winning
the election.

While both men owned their words, Stewart felt like the rest of
the nation would see the ridiculousness he saw in the man
taking the escalator down Trump Towers to announce his running.
While Chappelle felt the words he said were the right thing at
the right time but was quick to state that people of color have
often felt the sting many felt in 2016 and he has not been
happy about the job since.

Whenever we’re watching these two comedians talk, they always
seem to frame things properly. It’s even mentioned by Chappelle
in the interview, besides perhaps Barrack Obama, Jon Stewart
seems to have a calming effect on many.

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