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“Goatface” is coming to Comedy Central

The comedy quartet known as Goatface is coming at you with
their first one-hour special set to hit Comedy Central at the
end of next month. The 4 comedians – Hasan Minhaj, Asif Ali,
Aristotle Athiras, and Fahim Anwar all pair up like Voltron
(according to their press release) to form Goatface. Their one
hour hybrid special is part sketch comedy bits, ensemble
stand-up comedy, and individual stand-up comedy to make a

Goatface’s wide-ranging comedic style encompasses
pop-culture touchstones from sneaker hype to over-the-top 90s
R&B lyricism; the unique trials and tribulations of being
brown in America from “Starbucks names” to Islamophobia; and
personal experiences with overbearing parents, witnessing the
miracle of childbirth, and much more. Watch the trailer and try
your best to make sense of it all.

Goatface premieres Tuesday, November 27 at 10pm on
Comedy Central.

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