The most trashed show of the year has been renewed for a second season because Netflix likes its dollars

Somehow, beyond anyone’s comprehension, the most reviled and
critically trashed show of the year, Netflix’s
Insatiable, has been renewed.

The 12-episode first season debuted in August, and follows a
formerly overweight teenage girl (Debby Ryan) who plots revenge
on all those who mocked her.

When the trailer debuted earlier this summer, it became the
target of endless controversy, as social media users pointed
out just how problematic it appeared.

A change.org petition was
started to cancel the series before it premiered, claiming, “It
perpetuates not only the toxicity of diet culture, but the
objectification of women’s bodies.”

Ryan and creator Lauren Gussis insisted viewers wait to see the
show to understand its “satire.”

But when it did premiere, it seemed to be far worse than anyone
could have predicted, aiming for the lowest hanging fruit, with
everything from gay jokes to mocking rape and molestation.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood
, Gussis said, “I wanted to poke at all those
issues through comedy. But every single one of the issues that
these characters struggle with — from eating disorders to body
dysmorphia, to sexuality to needing outside power and
validation, to wanting to be perfect, to mental illness — I
have struggled with every single one of those things.”

She added that creating a “safe” show would be “censorship.”

The series, which currently has an 11 per cent score on Rotten
Tomatoes, was dubbed “an offensive mess” by Business
, simply “dumb” by The Hollywood Reporter,
“sloppy…muddled glop” by Vanity Fair, “the cruelest
and most poorly crafted show” by Vox, and “deliriously
rude” by the New Yorker among a barrage of other

As it turns out, this only added to the show’s hype, and for
Netflix, all news is good new$.

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