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Conan O’Brien to put 25 years of late night archives online starting January 2019

Conan O’Brien is going through even more of a late night late
night transition. With his late night TBS show restructuring
and turning into a leaner show perfect for the digital age, the
longtime late night host is also diving into his archives and
making them relevant again. Today marks the 25th anniversary of
the premiere of Late Night with Conan O’Brien where he
took over for David Letterman. O’Brien took to social media to
announce that said first episode has been placed online and
made available in its entirety to celebrate the occasion.

Watch it, John Goodman was his first ever guest.

But that’s not the only news… Conan also stated that beginning
January 2019, the entire archives of his late night antics will
be made available online on a freshly re-launched and
state-of-the-art website that will house nearly “everything
he’s ever done in late night” of the 4,000+ late night shows
he’s made. Meaning archives of Late Night w/Conan
, The Tonight Show, and Conan
will be online starting January 2019.

Let’s all rejoice in the knowledge that we’ll soon get our
long-delayed fix of The Masturbating Bear.

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