Henry Cavill has been reportedly dismissed from the Superman franchise, as things continue to look embarrassing for DC

He may be the most iconic superhero of all time, but Superman,
it seems, is no longer DC’s priority.

According to The Hollywood
, star Henry Cavill is being let go by DC and
Warner Bros., as they have no plans for any standalone Superman
movies in the next few years.

As its superhero franchise continues to struggle, the studio is
restructuring yet again, with plans to instead focus on a
recently announced Supergirl origin movie, for which Cavill
would be too old to star in.

The news comes after Cavill was unable to commit to a cameo in
the upcoming Shazam!

The British actor has played the caped crusader for DC since
the studio kicked off its lacklustre attempts at cinematic
superhero domination with 2013’s Man of Steel.

Those were followed up with Batman v Superman: Dawn of
(2016) and Justice League (2017), all
featuring Cavill and all box-office blunders relative to rival
studio Marvel’s string of blockbusters.

In fact, Ben Affleck, the current Batman, is also rumoured to
be on his way out, with director Matt Reeves’ forthcoming
Batman standalone film said to be focused on a younger Bruce

But don’t cry for Cavill. The actor is packing in more ways
than one, with a supporting role in this year’s Mission:
Impossible – Fallout,
and an upcoming starring role in
Netflix’s new series TheWitcher.

A source informed THR, “There’s a recognition that
some parts of the previous movies didn’t work,” and that the
studio is attempting to hit a “reset” button with the DC

The studio’s most successful effort has been Gal Gadot’s Wonder
Woman, who will return in a sequel in 2019. Her Justice
co-stars Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller have also made
the cut, with the Aquaman solo movie hitting theatres this
December, and Miller’s Flash movie set to shoot in 2019.

Whether they’ll sink or swim is another question.

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