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Season 2 of “American Vandal” drops on September 14th and asks, “Who is the turd burglar?”

If you haven’t seen season 1 of Funny Or Die’s Netflix series,
American Vandal you might’ve missed out on 2017’s best
jokes about dick… Seriously, it was nominated for an Emmy and
was 8 episodes about people drawing dicks. Watch it.

For season 2, they’re taking on #2. Milk, milk, lemonade…
around the corner, justice is made.

Documentary makers Peter and Sam have a new case, and after the
success of their first high school doc they are trying to
determine what to investigate next and then they get the call
to St. Bernardine private high school where an incident
happened. Who is claiming responsibility? A vandal known only
as The Turd Burglar.

American Vandal season 2 drops on Netflix September

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